Friday, June 8, 2012

Killing Addiction, Figure Drawings, Books, and Other Things

Almost two weeks ago, I got rid of my last addiction [Team Fortress 2] and my productivity and happiness level have risen significantly.  I only uninstalled it; it just takes one moment of weakness to reinstall the game, but for now I'm okay.  Whenever I get bored and the urge to play/be unproductive overwhelms me, I whip out my sketchbook and start drawing.  That's the key to fighting addiction, right?  Replace a bad habit with a good habit.  Needless to say, I've been drawing a lot lately.

As much as I'd like to show off these drawings, I have no scanner to digitize them easily.  I mean, I do have a camera but it's such a pain to set up lighting and positions correctly, and they still come out ugly.  My sister gave me money for a scanner on my birthday, but instead I spent the cash on figure drawing sessions and used books.  Lots and lots of books.

(To be fair, I had some of those before I rediscovered the awe and cheapness of eBay.)  I regret nothing.  The stories I've read have sparked a magic in my brain that I haven't experienced in years, and the figure drawing sessions have done so much for my artistic eye.  In the middle of doing something, have you ever stopped and thought to yourself, "I've improved since I last checked"?  That's happened to me several times over the past few weeks.  It's the real life equivalent of leveling up in a videogame; an amazing, beautiful feeling.

In chronological order, here's some of the figure drawings I posted on Instagram.  (My name is meatfortress on there if you're interested.)

Some day, I'll save up and pick up that scanner, so I don't have to fiddle with silly filters to make my drawings clearer.

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