Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taco Bell is Taco Gross

I've been craving Taco Bell for the past couple of weeks for some reason.  It's probably the effect of some kind of invasive advertising that I'm unaware of.  So I finally went to one last night.  Absolutely disgusting.  How the hell did I eat that crap before?

Here's some sketches.  The one above was done from photo reference.  The others are either still life or the frowny-looking people at Taco Bell.  Everyone there looked severely depressed.  What's up with that?

I noticed that I'm getting better at doing live figure drawing.  Really nailing a good form even though they're twitching and changing positions every couples of seconds.  But my live figures still look a little meek.  You can tell by my drawings that I'm as uncomfortable drawing them as they are getting drawn.

Going to try to drink and draw.  Maybe that will fix my problem.

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  1. And just as I finish posting this, my stomach crumbles. Time to defile my bathroom. Motherfucking Taco Bell.